As new trends and lifestyles enter into urban home designs with the shift in society, man caves are becoming more and more popular. A man cave is a place of entertainment where you can relieve your stress after spending a busy day in today’s fast paced life; it’s a space of your own to relax and have fun. You can decorate a man cave according to your lifestyle and interests and decorating it with things like games, electronic items (including that big flat-screen TV), and even a bar. Where’s the best space to create such a place? Your garage!

  • Pick a theme. In the end, make your space what you want! Do some pre-planning before making this decision, as you have plenty of design choices.  A billiard room-themed space, for example, could be simple to create, but do you really have the space for a pool table? Think about what your passions are and revolve your planning around what makes you happy. I, myself have spent many hours in my friend’s garage which he turned into a makeshift arcade.
  • Prepare Your Garage. You are not going to just park your car in your garage anymore; you are going to spend some much needed relaxation time in your new man cave, so prepare your space accordingly. You may need to arrange for proper heating in winter and cooling in summer. Consider how you would like to come in and out of your man cave, and how much wall space you’ll require to hang up your tools (or toys).
  • Lighting. Another important step is to arrange proper lighting before turning your garage into a man cave. Make a list of all the electrical appliances you may need in your new space to make your stay comfortable, and plan accordingly.
  • Floor. A cement floor is has its advantages (like easier clean up), but you could also use cork flooring or tiles to make it more comfortable. (To read more about the benefits of cork flooring, click here.) Another option to help you save money and still have easy clean up would be to use a cheap rug. When it gets horribly dirty, throw it out!