In the early days of the gaming industry when the gaming world consisted of mostly text and a few graphic images, sound played an important factor to fuel the gamer on. The world has changed, and now it’s all about visual graphics. We now have a game industry that can rival the very best of Hollywood films. Storyline enthusiasts have witnessed a great improvement, especially as they’re compared to films. And, of course, sound quality has also greatly improved. The sound of swinging swords, blasting cannons and painful punches have become familiar in the homes of gamers all over the world.

Designing a game room can be a daunting task because there are so many choices. It seems every brand has come out with a new and improved console, and companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are producing accessories to go with them. Like this Personal Gaming Environment by Sentry. And almost everyone I know has a pair of headphones like this Turtle Beach headset because it’s wire-free and has a microphone attached, so they can shout insults from the kitchen as they grab munchie foods in between matches.

Then of course the gaming companies themselves are taking advantage of the popularity of their characters. I’m a sucker for Nintendo accessories, like figurines and posters. Though I tend to use these wall decals instead because they’re easier to put up and take down. I place them in precarious places (like peeking over a TV) and it gets a few laughs from friends and family.

Consider buying a multimedia remote so you can juggle from device to device easily and prevents the cluttering of remotes and tangles of cables. The gaming equipment you install can make a huge difference, especially to your friends that come over and hang out. You could install a mini bar for drinks and snacks, and make sure that there are loads of comfy couches and bean bags. The X Rocker II chair is made for those gaming enthusiasts who like to play with surround sound along with the characters of the game. If you like to have a good sound system while enjoying your favorite action, adventure or fantasy game, then this chair will serve you faithfully. It incorporates the company’s interactive audio speakers which give you the experience as if you’re present in the gaming world. There are 2 speakers and a sub-woofer embedded in the chair to deliver you excellent sound. It uses wireless transmission, making tangled and messy wires a thing of the past. Within the model, there is a side control panel with all the volume controls embedded in it, including input and output jacks if needed. The most captivating feature of the chair would have to be its ergonomic design with full back support and arm rests. I have 2 in my game room, and all of my friends fight to be the one to sit in them. We even play to get the seats, and losers have to get up!x rocker

Of course there are other accessories, and even vibrant wall colors, to choose from that make any game room a fun place to be. Adding a disco ball, dart board, or an over-the-door basketball hoop can be a popular accessory in the room. Different pieces of furniture have different jobs, and some do it way more efficiently than others. I’m a huge fan of this wall mount, by Prepac, because it hides the cords and displays my figurines so nicely. I’ve written about it in another post, and I get many compliments about it from my friends.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Impressing your friends and creating an atmosphere that any gamer would want to play in!