steam room

Commonly, steam rooms are mandatory part of any spa or health club. Steam rooms are used to release bodily toxins and for relaxation. The high temperature steam can easily open pores that release all the unwanted toxins from our body. If you find it expensive to buy a membership of any health club or spa, there is no need to worry. By following these simple tips, you can easily design your own steam room:

  1. Find a room to convert. You need to find a room that can be converted into a steam room. Ideally, it will be easier for you to covert a bathroom into a steam room.
  2. Make it Moisture Proof. You cannot create a place that is 100% moisture proof, but you can always cut down the moisture by taking few simple steps. You can start with building the water proof concrete wall. You can use stones or tiles over the wall to make it water proof. Another alternate is to build a fiberglass wall. In this case, you can use silicone to seal the seams. I personally recommend the fiberglass or glass walls as it is more effective.
  3. Decide about the Appropriate Measurements. You should not create a large space for taking a steam bath as it will take hours for building-up of steam and will leave cold spots. Normally, an effective steam room is 8 feet high.
  4. Use Vapor Barrier. After enclosing the room or space with water proof walls and door, line the place with vapor barrier.
  5. Steam Generator. After making sure that newly designed steam room is completely moisture proof, you can install a steam generator (like this one). There are also other ways to generate steam, but steam generators are easy to work with.