Platinum-Elfa-Storage-from-the-Container-StoreFor most people, as time passes, their garage turns into a place of cluttered junk, filled to them brim with suitcases, old bikes and boxes filled with used old objects. This is all happening while they park their new car in the street or in the driveway. Even though, it may appear to you that turning your cluttered garage into an organized garage can take forever, there are some simple steps one can take to help without spending too much time and effort. So prepare yourself to park your car at its rightful place, and who knows you may find something you’ve been searching for, for years.



  1. Decide what to do with Stuff in Garage. Place three large boxes in front of you (like this one). Put broken and completely useless things in the first box, this box is garbage. Put things that are not useful to you but you can sale them in a garage sell in the second box. The third box is for things that can be used by you and you may want to put them back inside your house.
  2. Get rid of Useless Things. Now, throw away all the stuff you put in the first box. For the things you put in second box, sell them by arranging a garage sell or put them up on eBay.
  3. Do you want it or Not? Decide. Make sure to decide about things that you don’t want to keep. I know this may sound a lot easier said than done. But it’s better to let go of these things you’ll never use it will not only create more empty space in your garage, but can give you a liberating feeling by not being bogged down by your never used possessions. Things that you may still want to keep in your garage, place them in groups in different corners of the garage. For example, place things related to auto repair at one corner while things related to your bike at another corner.
  4. Use Large Plastic Bins. Buy large plastic bins and keep small things in them instead of leaving them in the open. Use separate plastic bins for different categories of things and use Ziploc bags to organize similar items within the same bin.

Following these simple steps can help you in turning your useless garage into an effective one.