Decorating the doors in your home can make an excellent impression on visitors, as they can really compliment the overall theme of your interior design. You can start with decorating the front door, as it is one of the most visible parts of your home to visitors and neighbors. Door decorations can add value and a uniqueness to your home. Many people tend to decorate their front doors at special occasions like Christmas, but you can decorate the doors of your home anytime you want.

Door Wrapping

When it comes to decorating ideas for front door, especially for holiday occasions, a good idea is to wrap it like a big present. This is especially fun for children of all ages.

3108880468_e20a80376f_bUse Different Signs

You can always use decorative signs on the doors with pleasant massages. A simple Welcome sign can really make all the difference. Or if you want to add a bit of comedy, check out this door sign. You can be more creative by switching signs according to the occasions and seasons. For a front door, a sign with your name and address can also work as a decorative element for your home.

Door Knocker

An antique door knocker can add a unique look to your front door. Even for a door bell, you can find different decorative styles. Consider using ribbons and/or bells to make it look fun.

Color and Theme

A good decorative style is to color your doors and the trim in different colors to make it look multicolored. Make sure the color of the doors complement the overall color theme of your home. For more information on how certain colors affect mood, read Color Psychology.