There are many different products available on the market to take care of your mosquito population (like this Stinger 5-in-1 Mosquito Kill System). One of the safest and most effective ways is to install a mosquito control system (like this one). These systems can use pesticides which are biodegradable in nature and which won’t kill off beneficial insects like butterflies and honeybees. Biodegradable pesticides like these are ideal because in addition to not harming beneficial insects, they make sure to keep your family and pets safe as well. There are various ways create homemade mosquito repellent. Today, people prefer using homemade mosquito repellent because they are proven safe and effective. One way to formulate is to put some water into a white plate. Then, put some lemon drops of joy dishwashing liquid soap. Place this solution where you take a seat. Mosquitoes that will come to near to your homemade mosquito repellent will drop dead on the plate or even somewhere near the repellent. Growing Thai Lemon Grass into your garden can be a very good source of this repellent. dead mosquito cartoon

Another way of making this repellent is through mixing catnip oil with a little grain alcohol. The mixture will work best is placed in a mister to serve as a spray repellent. Aside from homemade repellent, you should also bring with you some mosquito fabrics that will also serve as your protection from mosquitoes.

To control the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, a vigorous campaign to break the lifecycle of the mosquito must be launched. This can be done by spraying insecticides on slow-moving bodies of water and by getting rid of any containers that may contain stagnant water where they can breed. However, the easiest and most convenient method of killing mosquitoes is the mosquito misting system.