With limited space in a room, accommodating more than 2 kids in 1 room can be a difficult task to achieve. Especially when you have to adjust to their varying ages and opposite genders. But coming at it with an innovative approach provides you with an opportunity to get creative with your room design and furniture decoration.

The first thing you need is to create space for beds. It’s always a good idea to start designing with at least one object rooted so that you can start to design around it. Remember, you need to customize the space according to your and your childrens’ needs. Are your children old enough to climb a small ladder? Consider purchasing a bunk bed. Do your children require a computer? Set up a computer desk for them, and consider making them a small “study corner” so that they can separate themselves from the entertainment of the room and focus on their studies in the place you designate for them. A lot of parents build or place the computer desk right underneath the bunk bed, saving even more room.

Eliminate all unnecessary décor and furniture from the room to keep space available for the necessary objects, like dressers, shelves, desks, etc. Storage plays a huge factor in how well a space is used. Using bed lifters allows you to put rolling drawers or containers underneath the bed to help store clothes or toys. You can also divide a room by using a curtain suspended from a track or a wire. Ikea sells a complete set, ready to be installed right out of the box. By positioning certain pieces of furniture, like a dresser or a bookcase, you can also divide the room into sections for each child. This would give each of your children a bit of privacy and comfort in their own areas of the room.

Coming up with creative bedroom ideas for multiple children can be a daunting task, but try to have fun with it! Include the children and ask for their input. You’d be surprised how excited and helpful they can become as they help you work to design their bedroom.