living room design

Your living room is one of the best places where you can find refuge and relaxation. It’s important to create and design a place that can be calming and helps clear your mind for a while. By following these simple steps, you can easily turn your living room into a sanctuary to de-stress yourself.

Colors and Shades

 It is very important to select the perfect shades and colors for your living room. Colors can have interesting effects on the human mind, so avoid using bright and dark shades. To create a relaxing vibe, try to use lighter colors with warm shades. Don’t create any large patterns if you are using wallpaper, as it can make the space seem chaotic. Keep your color theme simple and pleasant. For more information on how colors can affect mood, see Color Psychology.

Bring the Outdoor Inside

Create a green atmosphere like a garden inside your living room. Being out in nature will usually bring a calming effect. Use as many natural fixtures as you can, like water and plant features to encourage a natural atmosphere. Bonsai trees, like this Juniper bonsai plant, are becoming more and more popular in homes around the world. This Cherry Blossom silk tree is one of my favorites because its beautiful pink color brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

Avoid Clutter 14386064701_c27c0214a0_o

If your room is disorganized or overstuffed, you can never relax in such an environment. Keep the room clear by creating proper storage for everything that can create a mess. Keep furniture organized and try to follow a pleasing pattern or flow.

Light Your Living Room

When it comes to creating a soothing effect, lighting plays a major role. Don’t use bright lights. Instead, use natural or soft lights. Also if at all possible, make sure to allow as much sunlight as you can into the room. At night, consider using candles, as they emit a soft glow and bring out a sense of relaxation and romanticism. You can even use battery operated candles that give the effect of a real burning candle, but without the flame.


Make sure to use natural wood floor or a rug or carpet to provide you with comfort. Using rugs can not only keep your feet warm during the cold months, but it adds a textured design element to the room. Make it unique to your tastes and choose a rug that pleases you.

Other tips

Use comfortable floor cushions, soft warm blankets, or comfortable furniture. Use scents, plant features, and relaxing music to create a more soothing atmosphere in your living room. Little tabletop fountains, like this cascading begonia flower fountain, can create a soothing atmosphere with the sound of running water and the zen mood it brings to the space. You can even purchase one that uses lights, to further harmonize your living room into a mood of relaxation. I saw this rippled waterfall fountain in my chiropractor’s office and went out the next day to get it for my room. It doubles as a reading light at the end of my couch – I couldn’t be happier with it!