Carpet Rundown

Woe to the wretched soul who would trust my 4-year-old self to carpet choice. As a tot, I was attracted to rooms with soft, fluffy carpet like a cow to green grass. Any carpet tall, plush, dense, and otherwise pillow-resembling was to my liking; forget matching color or style.

Luckily, my present-self is a bit more educated. When thinking about carpet, I consider a few different factors before making the final choice. Most obviously are color and texture, and these two characteristics often drive my decision, but other subtle things about carpet can affect the mood & feel they bring as well.

  • Color & Pattern

Color is the most basic attribute of a carpet. It creates the immediate impression of the floor, sets the temperature & feel of the room, and is the base & foundation for the look & coloring of the rest of the room. Most all of the visual aspect of carpet design lies in color choice & pattern designing.

When taking general color design & coordination into consideration, the carpet is the base & foundation of the room. It sets the basic tone and feel of the room. Other colors & aspects of the room, such as the walls, ceilings, and furniture, should add to & compliment the carpet.

  • Texture & Material

Carpets, though boring when you may first think about it, are an elaborate subject. They come in many different varieties & textures.

Among these are thick vs thin, stiff vs soft, looped vs fur-like, tightly vs loosely knit, etc. These all, of course, change the way the room feels when you enter it barefoot. On another note, it changes the way light reflects off the carpet. Think of it this way: Texture is to carpet design as brightness, contrast, & saturation are to photography.

Different materials in carpets affect what textures the carpet has so, keep in mind the texture you want your room’s floor to have when choosing your carpet.

  • Placement

Not a factor while choosing a carpet you say, eh? Wrong. Where you place a carpet should definitely determine what kind of carpet you use, and what style you want the carpet to have. Carpets in bedrooms, for example, should be soft, have a fur-like style, and probably be an off-white or pale color to compliment the walls. Carpets in dining rooms or hallways will be darker and stiffer, to go well in bright light and accommodate heavy walking, respectively.

Rugs are always a choice to consider when placing a small amount of carpet in any area. They’re cheap & easy to buy, interchangeable, and come in a huge variety.`

Really, how the carpet looks & makes you feel, in your home, should be the one and final deciding factor in carpet choice. Pick your favorite carpet. Keep your unique style, and use these tips as guidelines to keep from brewing up a disaster.