design a room with a chandelier

Chandeliers – The Best Way to Light up Your Life!

A chandelier is a marvel on its own, with its crystal shards and metallic arms. Its presence in the house gives an impression of elegance and sophistication. While they are mostly seen in dining rooms, you can place it anywhere in your home, especially in a room where you’d like to add some unique lighting. The Roxanne Crystal Chandelier is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary elegance.

Special Features

The main features of this chandelier are the chrome finishing and the netting that covers the lights. One would get the impression of multiple lights being emitted from the chandelier, but really it has only four installed. The netting has the ability to increase the light’s reach, which is great for home owners who require a product to reduce their electricity consumption. The convenient size makes this unit perfect for use indoors. And if the need arises, two units can be installed as a pair. This technique will maintain the balance between the number of lights as the units have low power consumption. Two of these fixtures would still require less electricity in comparison to a large, more expensive chandelier.

Important Tips While Buying a Chandelier:

An important tip while going shopping for a chandelier would be to stick to one from the metal family. Brass would match well with bronze or silver with nickel or pewter. To get the perfect size is very important, as it can make the room feel small if the chandelier overpowers the size of a small ceiling. Some designs of modern day chandeliers are easy on the eyes and, despite their huge size, can fit in small rooms. If you are buying one for a small room this strategy may work for you. The Roxanne Chandelier is perfect for small rooms, and its design is the combination of tradition and modernity which makes it perfect for any room.

Chandeliers don’t have to go with the look of your house and even if you live in a Victorian style home you do not necessarily have to have one with crystals and beads. Chandeliers can be hung in any room, not just the dining rooms and/or kitchens. The living room, bedroom and rest of the house are as suitable a place as any for these beauties.