chalkboard calendar2

I did a post that mentioned this idea of chalkboard paint and a few people asked me to go into a little more detail or to give an example of how to use it, so here we are. And in case any of you are wondering what this chalkboard paint is, you can check it out here on Amazon, this is just one example of the paint, they sell many different types so you can look around if you want.

Chalkboard Calendars add an aesthetic element to the architecture and design of your room. These calendars create functional opulence that won’t damage the walls but are still durable and can easily be removed. They can be either painted onto the walls or applied directly as decals, rejuvenating your blank walls with the expression of elegance and sophistication.

Adding a chalkboard calendar provides a fun, stylish, and economical approach to keeping memos and scheduling upcoming events. They serve as an organizing tool which makes them handy helpers around the house, as well as in working places.chalkboard calendar

Nowadays, chalkboard calendars come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, textures and designs to choose from. The list extends from removable wall decals to magnetic chalkboard wall calendars, to hand tags and place cards. You can also order a personalized design or you can paint one yourself. Places like Walmart sell what’s called ‘chalkboard paint.’ Just grab some tape while you’re out shopping so that the edges of your new chalkboard calendar are nice and straight. They add a bit of classiness along with functionality to your space. I’ve even seen a mother of four turn her children’s table top into a chalkboard!