Toro 51609 – Yard Maintenance Made Easy!

toroYard Maintenance Made Easy with the Toro 51609 Ultra 3-in-1!

People often say that a well kept lawn is too hard to achieve, but according to expert Gary Alan, “To get the perfect lawn, you have to change your mind set.”Always remember the three main things […]

Gas Meets Charcoal With The Perfect Grill



Summers and Barbecues – The Perfect Combo!

Summer is finally here, and nothing brings the party atmosphere better than a dinner bash with your friends, family and neighbors.  It just wouldn’t be summer without a barbecue party or two. And now you can bring the barbecue to your […]

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Building a Gazebo



If you want to add a new look to your garden or any other outdoor setting, building a well-crafted gazebo can really make your outdoor look unique and attractive. A well designed gazebo can be used for variety of needs, and can add dimension and […]

Choosing Garden Planters

garden planter

Garden planters come in a wide assortment of materials, colors, and sizes. They are ideal for adding color to porches, driveways, windowsills, patios and balconies. For some people that don’t have a garden, a planter provides a decorative means to bring some plant […]

Maintaining Your Lawn

lawn_well maintained

Nothing can add more value and a pleasant look to your home like a green, well maintained lawn. Many people believe that maintaining a lawn requires lot of time, effort and money, but it’s really very simply! Just follow these tips and try […]

Being Green!

being green

We all love “green” but we don’t think about “green”. Do you have any idea about “being green”? Being green simply means preserving the environment that is comfortable to humans by doing everything you can to be mindful of the environment.

It’s not […]