Small Kitchen Appliances

Press and Stuff Your Burgers With Deliciousness

cuisinart burger pressSummer is here! And with it comes good times at in the backyard. Having a barbecue cookout is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors or just hang out with friends and family. A delicious burger and a cold drink are […]

Kitchen Knives – Steel or Ceramic?


With modern times come modern wares. These days, you can choose between two types of kitchen knives: the traditional steel type or the more contemporary ceramic blade. Let us compare the two based on the following criteria:

 – Sharpness


Nescafe Cappuccino

If you fancy a luxury drink that is super convenient to make, then why not try one of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule packs? These contain liquid-filled capsules designed for use in the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines, which make it easy to get great-tasting cappuccinos and other coffee drinks that would traditionally be […]

Nescafe Coffee Machine

First you grind the beans (and there is a whole can of worms – the world of grinding seems just as big as the world of coffee machines, but that is a different story). You grind them to a particular level – then you tamp them (press them down a bit) – again a […]

Nescafe Coffee

nescafe coffee

Nescafe was not the first to try their hand at creating instant coffee, but they were the first to do so successfully. Early attempts date back to 1901, and involved making extremely concentrated coffee and then collecting the residue after boiling it dry. This super […]

Nescafe Cup

nescafe cup

The Dolce Gusto series is built with Krups’ technological precision and advancement. Each machine comes with unique features enticing the consumers to have the coffee pleasure everytime. For instance, a cup illuminator comes with Circolo model, while pre-programming your desired setting is designed with Creativa series.