How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home



Sunlight is the best light source available to date. Scientific studies provide evidence that exposure to natural light besides enhancing the look and feel of our living space; have a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. By maximizing sunlight, you can also cut […]

Kitchen Backsplashes


When it comes to decorating your home, the kitchen is the only space that allows you to be more creative with its design and decoration than any other place in your home. With hundreds of different components available in different sizes, designs, color […]

Kitchen Knives – Steel or Ceramic?


With modern times come modern wares. These days, you can choose between two types of kitchen knives: the traditional steel type or the more contemporary ceramic blade. Let us compare the two based on the following criteria:



Modern Glass Dining Table

Modern glass dining table¬†typically come in round, square, rectangular or oval shapes (heres my favorite), that can be matched with a wide array of chairs that can seat two to ten persons, or more. They are usually […]

Hair Dryer

hair dryer

want sleek, professional results rather than unsightly frizz ? purchase a reliable hair dryer (like this one) and relish the distinction immediately! you might want to flaunt polished designs when employing […]

combination Washer Dryer

cartoon clothes dryer

The market offers a wide range of electrical clothes dryers. The combination washer dryers (like this one) have become very popular over the […]