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Planning a Multi Purpose Room (Guest Room/Home Office)

multi purpose bedroom office

As working trends are changing, it becomes more convenient for people to work from their home. With this rising trend, the need for a separate room for your work space, or home office is becoming a necessity for those who opt to […]

Benefits of a Steam Bath


There are lots of benefits associated with steam bath, both physical and psychological. Many believe this concept was first introduced in ancient Greece for promoting general well-being of their people. Taking a steam bath is a great way to reduce […]

Advantages of using Skylights in your Home


Skylights are another source that can help you in reducing your electricity bill along with giving your home interior a unique look. It is a great healthy source of lighting into your home. Decorating ideas involving skylights are becoming common in modern designs as the […]

How to Design an Effective Garage


Platinum-Elfa-Storage-from-the-Container-StoreFor most people, as time passes, their garage turns into a place of cluttered junk, filled to them brim with suitcases, old bikes and boxes filled with used old objects. This is all happening while they park their new car in the street or in the […]

Creative Bedroom Ideas for Multiple Children


With limited space in a room, accommodating more than 2 kids in 1 room can be a difficult task to achieve. Especially when you have to adjust to their varying ages and opposite genders. But coming at it with an innovative approach provides you with […]

2014 Color Trends

color trends

Do you want to freshen things up in your home interior? One of the easiest ways is to paint your walls with a new color! It gives a feeling of change and can even make a room look bigger. Painting your […]

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