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design a room with a chandelier

Chandeliers – The Best Way to Light up Your Life!

A chandelier is a marvel on its own, with its crystal shards and metallic arms. Its presence in the house gives an impression of elegance and sophistication. While they are mostly seen in […]

Modern Bar Stool Table Set

3 piece bar stool setOver the years, many different kinds of tables have been made for different purposes. These can vary from coffee tables, side tables, study table and dining tables, and each have their own purpose.

In today’s modern kitchen, the classic wooden table would […]

Tapestries Are a Great Addition to Any Room!


Tapestries are basically an elaborate poster and have been a very popular home decoration for a long time. Making one is considered an art and the tradition has been around for centuries. This form of textile is composed of two forms of interlaced threads called […]

Moss Designs


Using moss as an element in your interior designs is an inexpensive way to add an pleasingly green, eco-friendly decoration. As moss only requires moisture to live, you can even add moss to places like the kitchen and bathroom. The plant essentially has no roots and it depends […]

Building a Home Office in the Garage

prepac floating deskNowadays, working is far more convenient with an established home office inside your very own home. The idea of having one is becoming increasingly common day by day, as more and more people are working from their homes. Most people find it very […]

Designing a Small Bedroom


Are you planning to decorate or design an interior for a small bedroom? Do you find it confusing to make it functional,
yet an attractive bedroom at the same time? Our tips and decorating ideas about designing a small bedroom can help you not only decorate a functional […]