Wall Paint Ideas

wall paint ideas

These are probably the most accessible accessories to water fountains you can secure. Just imagine a canopy of Bougainvillea over your outdoor wall fountain or a few water lilies floating on your basin. Doesn’t it make your wall fountain look more refreshing? But […]

Wall Paint Techniques

wall paint techniques

You decided how wide you want the stripes tape them off and apply the polyurethane sealer over every other stripe and you have a finished product. It is subtle yet very striking. Designer note: make sure your lines are straight; it will be very […]

Wall Design Ideas

wall design ideas

The first and foremost of all in design is the painting in your kid’s room. Make the room painting children-friendly. Suppose if the paint of the room is already decided and painted, with no worries you can opt for interesting wall papers and wall […]

Wall Designs For A Bedroom

wall designs for a bedroom

How much work are you willing to take on? This question is something else to consider before tearing down the plaster or drywall that is over your brick wall. Consider the elbow grease needed to take down the plaster, the […]

Living Room Wall Painting Ideas

living room wall painting ideas

Well there are a few target areas on which your color scheme should be based. One of them is the single largest furniture in the room. The size of the room, its focal point, the height between the floor and […]

Kids Wall Painting Ideas

kids wall painting ideas

Sketching is a great way to use the paint in a bedroom, especially if you’re talented with the pencil. So what if you’re not? Well, instead of fretting over how you’re going to draw what your child wants look through some magazines […]