Living Room Accent Wall Paint Ideas

living room accent wall paint ideas

Pillows add life and color to any living room or bedroom especially if they are complimented with vivid slip covers. Accent pillows comes in different shapes, colors and textures. The ones made of silk and embroidered or needlepoint […]

Accent Wall Paint Ideas Bedroom

accent wall paint ideas bedroom

A new accent wall looks the best when your warmer color is utilized, but some families love the darker color for their accent wall. You ought to keep away from painting one or more accent wall inside a room. The […]

Accent Wall Paint Ideas

accent wall paint ideas

Don’t Go Bare- A bare floor isn’t that bad but having a carpet or a rug can make the room look bigger and define it in a better way. You have to pick the type of floor covering that you are going […]

Wall Paint Ideas Stripes

wall paint ideas stripes

First thing’s first – measure your walls! Determine how thick you want your stripes and plan accordingly, taking careful consideration of how the corner stripes will meet (or ceiling meets the wall, if you decide to do horizontal […]

Living Room Wall Paint Ideas

living room wall paint ideas

It is all about getting close to artwork, we can print images on canvas or look for ready to use canvas, both ways the conditions will be great as nothing will be left alone, we can choose the photographic prints […]

Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

bedroom wall paint ideas

If you don’t have much experience with a interior paint color I suggest doing a paint test on a wall, and paint about 2 feet from the corner. If you’re changing colors for the other wall to see how the colors work […]