House Painting & Finishing

Exterior House Colors

exterior house colors

Your next job is to choose the correct colors. It can be frustrating picking the right colors so HERE is a link to a paint color cheat sheet. It’s always a good idea to choose colors that blend with nature and is not […]

White Paint

white paint

An additional option is to paint furniture pieces in white if favorite pieces of bedroom furniture can not be located in this color. A bit more effort is eaten this way, however money can also be conserved, particularly if the white model of a certain piece […]

Painting Ideas

painting ideas

Your home colours will fade as years go by. This is caused by time, changes in weather conditions, and low quality paint work. The repainting process does not start and stop in directly repainting your walls. The walls or areas to […]

White Stucco

white stucco

If you’re thinking about applying stucco to your interior (or exterior) walls and ceilings, you can talk to your contractor about the method that’s best for your kind of home. Traditionally, 3 coats of stucco are applied but if your contractor uses stucco fused with acrylics […]

Spanish Stucco Homes

spanish stucco homes

Peoria, IL – Finding your “mo-jo” or “getting your groove back” can happen when you least expect it. At any time, or any place or for whatever reason. Peoria is one place that inspired me to appreciate the charm and character of old family […]

Stucco And Stone Homes

stucco and stone homes

Exterior block walls are not common for residential homes in most parts of the United States, but if you have experienced some type of block damage such as cracked block, hairline cracks, or any type of departure you should consider fixing the […]