Wall Accessories

S-Shaped Wall Mounted Shelf

s wall mount shelf

It can be frustrating to run short of space to store things, but shelves can play a key role in helping to organize things around the house. Shelves are not available only to be placed on the floor, they are also available […]

Home Theater Struggles? Check Out Prepac’s Wall Mounted Console

The Home Theater Hassle –prepac home theatre wall mount Conquered At Last!

Today is the age of micro sized gadgets and gone are the days when bigger was considered better. One such area is the cinema industry. Back in the day, people flocked to movies like there was no tomorrow, […]

Chalkboard Calendar

chalkboard calendar2

I did a post that mentioned this idea of chalkboard paint and a few people asked me to go into a little more detail or to give an example of how to use it, so here we are. And in case […]

How to Design a Romantic Bedroom

romantic balcony bed

The design ideas for converting a bedroom into a place to do romance with your partner revolve around making it more comfortable and to create a feeling of love and affection. The design, that involves color, decoration, and choice of furniture […]

How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home



Sunlight is the best light source available to date. Scientific studies provide evidence that exposure to natural light besides enhancing the look and feel of our living space; have a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. By maximizing sunlight, you can also cut […]

Moss Graffiti



Graffiti can look very attractive, but now you can take that idea and use moss instead of harmful chemicals to make your home more “green” or “eco friendly”. There’s nothing more creative and attractive than using moss graffiti. It’s a completely natural growing plant that […]