Big Comfy Couch Molly

big comfy couch molly

Back View Of Couch

back view of couch

The addition of seat and back cushions was a development from the tight back and seat style. Furniture with loose seat and back cushions has been around since the mid 19th century, but the invention of the radio followed by television in […]

Leather Couch Living Room

High-quality leather sofas last four times longer than regular upholstered sofas. Leather sofas are exceptionally durable. The material covering your sofa or chair is called “top-grain”, which is the best level of leather. This means that a leather sofa lasts longer than that of the fabric upholstery. Because of its durability, it could last […]

Indoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

There are two types of chaise lounge slipcovers – indoor and outdoor. Most indoor lounge chairs will have a much more formal design as it is meant to be a cushy seat. When you are looking for indoor covers, you will need to find a company that specifically makes these types of covers. There […]

Old Wooden Chair

Antique wooden chairs are usually 50 years old or even older as defined by dealers of fine antiques. In antique stores and auctions of today’s market, the antique wooden chairs sold belong to a period from 1800 – 1900. People from the southern states of America measure the age of antique furniture by the […]

Wooden Chair

Using stencils can help the less artistically inclined produce a work of art. Even if you are artistic, stencils allow you to create a uniform design. If the chair is intended for a child’s room, then you can stencil your kid’s name on the chair back or front. Your children will delight in seeing […]