Wood Floor Texture

wood floor texture

Kitchen Tile Floor

Getting the proper look for your yard and garden can be a challenge, but is well worth the time it will take as it will greatly enhance the appeal of your property. With the proper landscaping ideas, such as using local plants, getting ones that will remain in bloom all season or be replaced […]

Tile Floor Designs

Once the surface is ready, it is time to find the center of the room. This can be done quite easily by stretching two strings or chalk line across from corner to corner. An indelible marker may be used to mark the center point. It would be wise to lay a few rows of […]

Light Blue Carpet

light blue carpet

The bed is the central item in the room. It catches the main attention and so it should be one of the major carriers of the theme of the room. It should enhance and harmonize the light and blue walls of the room. […]

Dark Blue Carpet

dark blue carpet

Moving rugs around to adjust wear patterns keeps the same high-traffic spots from constant soiling. A simple rotation every few months will keep one area from being overly worn. For carpets, moving furniture regularly can have the same effect as well as avoiding depressions […]

Carpet Texture

carpet texture

Loop pile carpet is recognized by its wool-like look and rugged loop surface, which is created by sewing the yarn into the primary backing, leaving a loop. Berber carpet is a very popular type of loop pile and is known for its resiliency in high […]