On top of these two, commercial lighting fixtures also play a huge role in molding what people’s impression of you and your place is. If the lights are elegant and well-made, they will speak of your classy taste and finesse as a property owner and decorator. If they are energy-efficient and affordable, they will […]

Thomas Edison Light Bulb Cartoon

thomas edison light bulb cartoon

We might not be the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Stephen Spielberg. But in someone’s life we will be a difference because we never give up. Our goals may be different. Our circumstances different. Our lives are definitely different. […]

Lit Light Bulb

During the day, interior lights are dimmed a bit in order to achieve a balance of illumination in the interior and the outdoors. This is especially important in rooms receiving little light from the outdoors. At night, it becomes necessary to increase the intensity of the light in order to achieve the same illumination […]

Light Bulb Idea

light bulb idea

Dreams become reality when you simply start by tinkering with your mind, then with your hands. And if the idea weakens or falters you can always go back to it later until you finish it. Thomas Edison and his Dream Team had to […]

Light Bulb

light bulb

Samsung Led Tv Ad

samsung led tv ad

Designed as a single moulded piece of tech and sitting on a crystal plinth the Samsung UE40B7020W really is the proper fusion of style and science. Using LED panels means the TV’s are fantastically slim and lightweight. This also makes them good […]