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design a room with a chandelier

Chandeliers – The Best Way to Light up Your Life!

A chandelier is a marvel on its own, with its crystal shards and metallic arms. Its presence in the house gives an impression of elegance and sophistication. While they are mostly seen in […]

Hunter 52 Inch Ceiling fan


Ceiling fans around the house are a comfortable source of making the room properly ventilated and airy. Ceiling fans have certain promising qualities as compared to any other type of fan. Firstly, they are more carefully designed and more secure. If you have infants or […]

Advantages of using Skylights in your Home


Skylights are another source that can help you in reducing your electricity bill along with giving your home interior a unique look. It is a great healthy source of lighting into your home. Decorating ideas involving skylights are becoming common in modern designs as the […]

Designing a Man-Cave Garage


As new trends and lifestyles enter into urban home designs with the shift in society, man caves are becoming more and more popular. A man cave is a place of entertainment where you can relieve your stress after spending a busy day in today’s fast […]

Top 5 Benefits of LED Lights

LED light

LED lights, also known as “light emitting diode”, are the most powerful, smart and energy efficient lighting solutions to date. As LED lighting is considered the cleanest lighting solution with minimal carbon print, this way of lighting comes with number of benefits. As LED […]

Using Solar Panels for Your Home Electricity

solar panels on roofFirst of all for a cheap and easy DIY solar fix take a look at the following link:

Now with more awareness among the masses about renewable energy, the use of green energies like wind, solar and bio-gas energies is […]