Small Craft Room

small craft room

The biggest thing that accumulates in a tiny craft room is paraphernalia. Whether you are a scrapbook fanatic, love to sew, create photo collages, or build model cars, it requires a host of items in order to make projects flow smoothly. The biggest […]

Sewing Room Organization

sewing room organization

By organizing your sewing room or sewing space in a way that your supplies and tools are easy to find and are convenient for use you’ll have more fun and more time to sew rather than spending your time hunting for what you need. […]

Small Sewing Room Ideas

small sewing room ideas

Most sewing cabinets also have some sort of storage. Some are mounted inside the doors to a closet and have cabinet doors that swing open to allow knee room. There are spindles for storing thread spools and drawers for […]

Sewing Room Ideas

sewing room ideas

For some, a sewing room can really be a place to get away from it all. It’s where your creativity gets to blossom and you get that hands-on experience you’ve been craving. Keeping it organized can mean the difference between […]

Cartoon Bamboo Plant

cartoon bamboo plant

On one particular day, God must have seen my discouragement and sent a message that encouraged me to focus on keeping my dreams and vision alive! That morning, as I was listening to the radio, a pastor was sharing a story of a farmer […]

Closet Curtain

closet curtain

Why, you say, should I be interested in these, uh, ringy-thingys? Because, we say, your life will totally improve in useful-helpful-delightful little ways. Yes, curtain rod rings. Want proof? We’ve compiled a short list of uses for curtain rod rings, just enough to feed your own […]