Home Storage & Shelving

S-Shaped Wall Mounted Shelf

s wall mount shelf

It can be frustrating to run short of space to store things, but shelves can play a key role in helping to organize things around the house. Shelves are not available only to be placed on the floor, they are also available […]

Home Theater Struggles? Check Out Prepac’s Wall Mounted Console

The Home Theater Hassle –prepac home theatre wall mount Conquered At Last!

Today is the age of micro sized gadgets and gone are the days when bigger was considered better. One such area is the cinema industry. Back in the day, people flocked to movies like there was no tomorrow, […]

How to Design an Effective Garage


Platinum-Elfa-Storage-from-the-Container-StoreFor most people, as time passes, their garage turns into a place of cluttered junk, filled to them brim with suitcases, old bikes and boxes filled with used old objects. This is all happening while they park their new car in the street or in the […]

Under the Bed Storage

under bed storage

Creating Under-bed Storage on Your Own

In small rooms, under-the-bed storage can help you keep your bedroom uncluttered. The storage available in small and even large bedrooms is often not enough for all the bed sheets, clothes, books and other stuff […]

Designing a Man-Cave Garage


As new trends and lifestyles enter into urban home designs with the shift in society, man caves are becoming more and more popular. A man cave is a place of entertainment where you can relieve your stress after spending a busy day in today’s fast […]

Using Open Shelving

kitchen open shelving

Open shelving is relatively a new idea, mostly used in kitchens as a replacement of closed cabinets. The reason for a rising trend of open shelves is because they provide a good storage solution in small kitchens; but they can also add decorative […]