Wooden Window Frames

Replacing a window frame can be hard when the wood is not nailed directly to the stud. You may have to do work on your house beyond just the original window frame and into the woodwork of you house. Working on the window frame is beyond the scope of the average Denver windows company. […]

Simple Stained Glass Window

Today, stained glasses still cost hundreds of dollars and considered expensive for individual home owners. To install a stained glass window, you will need to replace the entire window and this is a major project. The more economical solution is to install stained glass window film.

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Simple Stained Glass Designs

Stained glass effects and straightforward designs are well-liked specifically in period style properties, smaller alcoves, porch and front doors in addition to adding finishing touches to glass windows on stairs.

simple stained glass designs

When the pattern is definitely excellent you can start crafting pattern pieces.Solder is […]

Simple Stained Glass Window Designs

Let me explain why replacement windows were not an option. The window was cased in brick. This means that the window and the brick would have to be worked upon to both remove and replace the window. The brick work was very expensive in addition to the large replacement window that I was considering.


Stained Glass Window Designs

The Grapewine, the Biscayne, the Napa and the Mandalay Clear are all stained glass designs with a modern theme. They add privacy to your room but still allow sunlight to filter through. Some of you may not have the money to spend on fancy glass, but you can fake it! You can buy stained […]

Old Wood Window Frame

Sometimes a whole section, such as a window sill, may need replacing. In that case, measure up for a new sill and take delivery of it before removing the old one. Apply at least one coat of primer to the new sill and damp-proof the joint between the underside of the sill and the […]