Decorating Ideas for Doors


Decorating the doors in your home can make an excellent impression on visitors, as they can really compliment the overall theme of your interior design. You can start with decorating the front door, as it is one of the most visible parts of your home […]

Advantages of using Skylights in your Home


Skylights are another source that can help you in reducing your electricity bill along with giving your home interior a unique look. It is a great healthy source of lighting into your home. Decorating ideas involving skylights are becoming common in modern designs as the […]

Dormer Windows


Dormer windows can provide you with additional space in your attic room and can provide proper natural light and airflow. First introduced by French in the 17th century, the dormer window soon become popular in Western and American architecture. Loft spaces, and other similar structures, […]

Dressing Up Your Windows


Windows provide an important role in characterizing homes and creating a unique ambience.  When planning window dressings, lighting requirements and privacy should be considered. Curtains and blinds can spice up a room and add a much-needed splash of color.  Adding a few scatter cushions with […]

How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home



Sunlight is the best light source available to date. Scientific studies provide evidence that exposure to natural light besides enhancing the look and feel of our living space; have a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. By maximizing sunlight, you can also cut […]

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