Gardening & Landscaping

Moss Graffiti



Graffiti can look very attractive, but now you can take that idea and use moss instead of harmful chemicals to make your home more “green” or “eco friendly”. There’s nothing more creative and attractive than using moss graffiti. It’s a completely natural growing plant that […]

Using Plants Indoors

flower plant_indoors

Using Indoor Plants as Decorative Elements for Your Home

To give your home a natural look, decorating your home interior with the indoor plants is a great idea. It can not only add color and beauty to your home environment, but it is also healthy […]

Being Green!

being green

We all love “green” but we don’t think about “green”. Do you have any idea about “being green”? Being green simply means preserving the environment that is comfortable to humans by doing everything you can to be mindful of the environment.

It’s not […]

Designing a Tree House

tree house


The following are the basic ideas you must keep in mind while designing a Tree House. If you want specifics please click HERE.

Yes, building a tree house looks like a very difficult task but if you have a do-it-yourself approach, […]

Organic Composting

organic compost

When you hear the word recycling do you think of usual recycled materials like paper, aluminum cans, or glass? Many people don’t even consider using organic material for recycling. However, composting can help you reduce the organic waste you have […]

Gardening Accessories

garden_tools_on_wirerackGardening is an art of planting or cultivating different types of plants. Someone may take it as a profession, someone as a hobby, or someone for therapeutic reasons. But all of them need the gardening accessories. There are varieties of tools and […]