Baby German Shepherd

As German Shepherds are very emotionally sensitive animals, it is very important to ensure that they feel happy and secure always. They can easily get depressed and put on a sad face if you are not behaving nicely with them. Make sure you treat them well and reward them for good behavior if they […]

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Baby German Cockroach

Now nobody likes roaches of course, and since they are not a beneficial insect, everybody likes to blame someone else for having them. As an example, the German roach is not the German roach in Germany. No, it is the French Roach (how convenient). But you see, there is good logic behind it. The […]

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German Cockroach Nymph

german cockroach nymph

The breeding season for cockroaches is from March-September during which they remain very active. Copulation is followed by egg laying. Eggs are laid in bag like structures known as ootheca which are deep brown in colour. Oothecae are marked by […]

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