"Green" Clean Your Kitchen with Vinegar

baking soda_vinegar

With awareness, people are steering away from the use of harmful chemical cleaners to safer green cleaning techniques to clean their kitchens. One of the best natural sources for green cleaning your kitchen is Vinegar. It can clean, add shine and can make your […]

Organic Composting

organic compost

When you hear the word recycling do you think of usual recycled materials like paper, aluminum cans, or glass? Many people don’t even consider using organic material for recycling. However, composting can help you reduce the organic waste you have […]

Mosquito patio screen

Do you need a screened in patio to keep the mosquito’s out? This method is surely effective and it looks nice too, but it will be some hard work to make it happen and you could always buy a cheap Umbrella Mosquito Net Canopy Patio Set[…]

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Kill Mosquito’s

There are many different products available on the market to take care of your mosquito population (like this Stinger 5-in-1 Mosquito Kill System). One of the safest and most effective ways is to install a mosquito control […]

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Mosquito Magnet

mosquito drawing

Fact: only female mosquitoes bite. Another fact: mosquitoes look for animals to bite that have circulatory systems, or, in other words, emit carbon dioxide. Using this premise, you can find propane cylinders that generate CO2 gas, drawing the insects in where they are effectively […]

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Dangers of Mosquitoes

big mosquitoes

We all know how irritating mosquitoes can be. Their bites may be small, but they definitely leave a lasting impression. Most of the time after you’ve been bit you should notice a great improvement in the appearance and itchiness of the mosquito […]

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