Planning a Multi Purpose Room (Guest Room/Home Office)

multi purpose bedroom office

As working trends are changing, it becomes more convenient for people to work from their home. With this rising trend, the need for a separate room for your work space, or home office is becoming a necessity for those who opt to […]

Creative Bedroom Ideas for Multiple Children


With limited space in a room, accommodating more than 2 kids in 1 room can be a difficult task to achieve. Especially when you have to adjust to their varying ages and opposite genders. But coming at it with an innovative approach provides you with […]

Under the Bed Storage

under bed storage

Creating Under-bed Storage on Your Own

In small rooms, under-the-bed storage can help you keep your bedroom uncluttered. The storage available in small and even large bedrooms is often not enough for all the bed sheets, clothes, books and other stuff […]

Chalkboard Calendar

chalkboard calendar2

I did a post that mentioned this idea of chalkboard paint and a few people asked me to go into a little more detail or to give an example of how to use it, so here we are. And in case […]

Dividing a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is sometimes known as an “efficiency apartment.” Usually this type of apartment has just one large room, used for eating, living and sleeping, and a bathroom. Efficiently dividing the large room of your studio apartment into smaller portions not only separates it into smaller, special areas which makes it seem […]

Budget Friendly Guest Room


A guest room is always an additional space in your home that sits idle for most of the time. So, investing huge amounts of money in decorating a guest room isn’t the way to go. Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to […]