Roxy Style Bedding for Teenage Girls

roxy bedding-pink

When it comes to decorating a room for teenage girls or young women, there’s a particular brand that can provide what a teenage girl needs: Roxy. When designing a bedroom for your teenage girl, there is no one formula to get the best results […]

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Designing a Game Room

In the early days of the gaming industry when the gaming world consisted of mostly text and a few graphic images, sound played an important factor to fuel the gamer on. The world has changed, and now it’s all about visual graphics. We now have a game […]

South Shore Loft Bed – A Creative Bedroom Approach

south shore loft bed

An Excellent Creative Bedroom Idea for Kids!

The most important part of designing the room is deciding what kind of furniture to place. Furniture which is fun to move around, looks bright and colorful, yet caters to its purposes is usually a better […]

Tapestries Are a Great Addition to Any Room!


Tapestries are basically an elaborate poster and have been a very popular home decoration for a long time. Making one is considered an art and the tradition has been around for centuries. This form of textile is composed of two forms of interlaced threads called […]

Designing a Small Bedroom


Are you planning to decorate or design an interior for a small bedroom? Do you find it confusing to make it functional,
yet an attractive bedroom at the same time? Our tips and decorating ideas about designing a small bedroom can help you not only decorate a functional […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Carpet


Carpet Rundown

Woe to the wretched soul who would trust my 4-year-old self to carpet choice. As a tot, I was attracted to rooms with soft, fluffy carpet like a cow to green grass. Any carpet tall, plush, dense, and otherwise pillow-resembling was to my liking; […]