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Grandfather Clocks Are the Epitome of Elegance

howard clock

Grandfather clocks were born the day that Dutchman Christian Huygens used a pendulum as a driving device in his clock. This particular breed of clocks is quite different from the rest, as they are housed in large cases made from oak and […]

Roxy Style Bedding for Teenage Girls

roxy bedding-pink

When it comes to decorating a room for teenage girls or young women, there’s a particular brand that can provide what a teenage girl needs: Roxy. When designing a bedroom for your teenage girl, there is no one formula to get the best results […]

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Designing a Game Room

In the early days of the gaming industry when the gaming world consisted of mostly text and a few graphic images, sound played an important factor to fuel the gamer on. The world has changed, and now it’s all about visual graphics. We now have a game […]

Top Furniture Brands

Path Included

Brand name can be very important when it comes to buying new and quality furniture for your home. It’s not about getting to brag about the tag – it’s about quality! Not only are name brands known for being stylish, but they are high quality […]

The Dirt Devil Scorpion Lightweight Vacuum


It can get quite hard to maintain a clean house on a daily basis, but having a excellent vacuum cleaner can save a lot of time and energy. As time goes by, technology gets advanced and devices get smaller and still have the performance of […]

Ottoman for Style AND Storage

zebra ottoman

Ottomans – The Center of Your Living Room!

An ottoman is the name given to a piece of furniture which consists of a padded upholstered seat and does not have any arms or back for support. They are mostly used as foot rests or stools and […]