Are you overwhelmed by the wide variety of options and the number of different types of vacuums available in market today? This article will guide you with tips that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

  1. Identify Your Needs. Where in your house are you going to use the vacuum cleaner most often? Different vacuums are designed to serve different purposes. Do you have pets? Consider a vacuum that can deal well with sucking up pet hair. Shop vacs are those designed to be used on the garage where spills and heavy duty messes need to be cleaned.
  2. Upright Vs Canister Vacuum. If you are planning on vacuuming carpets only, upright vacuums are the best choice. Canister vacuums are more multipurpose.
  3. Costs of Better Filtration. Vacuums that offer better filtration sometimes come with advance technology that can even clean mites and pollen from air, but they come at a cost. Lower priced vacuums may fit your budget, but be weary that you may be sacrificing some filter quality. 
  4. Light Weight Vs Heavy Weight. Even though heavy vacuums are long lasting and durable, light weight vacuums are easy to move. Most woman lean towards buying light weight as it’s more convenient.vacuum_dyson
  5. Compare the Brands. While Dyson is usually the most expensive brand, you can sometimes get a great deal on one. Be on the lookout for advertisements and/or coupons! Cheaper brands like Eureka, Bissell, Kenmore and Hoover can still offer good quality vacuums, but it all depends on your needs. Be sure to do your research ahead of time and read reviews about each brand.
  6. Noise Control. Noisy vacuums can sometimes be a problem, especially when you have little ones napping all the time. Some vacuums better noise control, so make sure you take into consideration the noise level of the vacuum you plan on purchasing.
  7. Check for a Warranty. Longer warranties are always better, so if it’s a close decision between a few vacuums, consider getting the vacuum that offers the longest warranty.