ecosmart water heater

In today’s day and age the home needs to be comfortable in all seasons be it winters or summers. Everyone requires hot water no matter what the season is and water heaters can be a blessing in such situations. They ensure that you get the required temperature of water all year long and the latest models also help you conserve energy.

Why Water Heaters?

The way to saving cost on heating starts by fixing leaks, low flow fixtures and by using energy efficient water heaters. Heating is considered to be one of the largest energy consumers in America. One sure way to save cost is to use electrical heaters instead of those that use natural gas. The models that use electricity have very low energy consumption ratings. With each passing year newer models are created that are more energy efficient than their predecessors.

Tips for Buying a Water Heater

While out shopping for your very own heating system, choose a model that is reliable and easy on your wallet. You should opt for the ones that use electricity as discussed earlier because they are a better investment in the long run. Then the next step would be getting one that fits your usage needs, if it is a storage water heater. The time of day that uses the most water should be considered as the maximum capacity for the tank. It will ensure that all residents get their fair share of hot water.

The easier option if one looks at the installation aspects of the product would be the tank-less water heater. It does not need space to mount and is compact in size. The tank-less heater uses an electrical element to heat the water.

Tank-less Water Heater For The Win!

The Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, with a patented self-modulating technology, is the best when it comes to water heating appliances. ecosmart water heater displayThe main feature would be its life time warranty and with it you need not worry about a replacement. Its self modulating technology lets you save up to 60 percent in heating costs. The electric element heats up the water efficiently and saves you approximately 12 cubic feet of storage space. The digital thermometer feature with 1 degree increment gives the owner complete control of the temperature. As mentioned earlier, this appliance is tank-less which is why it ensures maximum efficiency in terms of space as well as performance.

They do have different variations of the model, depending on your water volume needs and geographical location. So this is something else to keep in mind. The 27KW model can keep one or two showers warm at the same time with the incoming water temperature around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you live in a cold state this model will be important. On the other hand if you’re in a state like Florida where it’s hot all the time and the incoming water is around 70 Fahrenheit, the lowest model will probably suit you fine.