If you want to add a new look to your garden or any other outdoor setting, building a well-crafted gazebo can really make your outdoor look unique and attractive. A well designed gazebo can be used for variety of needs, and can add dimension and character to your outdoor space. If you have a do-it-yourself approach, you will find designing and building your own gazebo a simple and interesting task!




  1. Purchase a Gazebo Kit. Believe it or not there are a number of different gazebo kits available online or at any home improvement store designed with the armature builder in mind. You can create any enclosed or open structure with different gazebo kits, so search for the right one. A good gazebo kit comes with a guide for easy construction and drawings to help people build a gazebo.
  2. Shop for the Rest. From your newly bought gazebo kit, find the additional things you require to build a gazebo. Not everything comes with gazebo kit. You need to buy some additional supplies if you want to give it more personalized touch or want to customize the design according to your lifestyle. Such as this cool little bar/cooler, or this All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa
  3. Where to Build Your Gazebo? How visible do you want your new gazebo to be to your visitors? Do you want your guests to appreciate your hard work or are you the modest type? For precautions, make sure to find a space that is away from power lines. The surface beneath should also be properly leveled before you start building your gazebo.
  4. Prepare the Surface. This is more of your own choice, do you want to leave it as it is, create a wood, or concrete floor, you decide.
  5. Build a Gazebo. First, you need couple of helping hands so find some friends or family who can assist. Unpack the kit you bought, and follow the directions given in the instructions guide. You can start by assembling the floor.