kill bugs

There are about 10 quintillion bugs in the world residing near you, likely including your place of residence, regardless of its age and cost. They are not only annoying but also responsible for several problems such as spoilage of food, destruction of property, spread of diseases, allergic reactions, etc. Getting rid of these insects becomes pretty difficult once they have invaded your house since they reproduce and grow at quite a rapid rate.

In order to make your home bug proof you need to realize that they like humans need water, food and shelter and these are the factors that attract them to your house. So, you can keep bugs out by cutting off the supply to these vital necessities and making a few adjustments in your home.

I am outlining some very useful tips that will help in effectively bug proofing your living place.

·        Always keep food trash in the kitchen and clean and sanitize regularly.

·        Store food in cans with tight seals.

·        To prevent insects entries through space at the base of door install aluminum or steel thresholds under all exterior entry doors. cover the gaps at the bottom of doors by installing sweeps. For better protection, spray insect repellant around ALL floor boards.

·        Cracks and spaces around doors and windows provide an easy entrance to bugs. So seal up these well using mortar or cement.

·        Installing screens (20-mesh or finer) in windows and doors is also a good option, especially in summers as they keep out most of the common household insects and at the same time let the fresh air in.

·        Maintenance of yard is also an important aspect when it comes to bug infestation. Problems like water pooling in your lawn are breeding grounds for insects and can easily be controlled by aeration. Removal of debris or piles of leaves is also required to prevent insects from infestation.

Of course, there are many products that can help with different types of bugs in different environments. You can spray the outside of your home with something like this, or place bait traps like these around the inside of your home. Again it all depends on the type of bug your trying to get rid of, so look around for what meets your needs. this one though is by far my favorite, but is only meant for common flies.