A guest room is always an additional space in your home that sits idle for most of the time. So, investing huge amounts of money in decorating a guest room isn’t the way to go. Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality, however. You can design an attractive, budget friendly guest room by following these simple tips.

So what are the Guest Room Basics?

For a good guest room, the theme must be welcoming and fresh. The objects inside should be as close to basic as possible because your guests are only going to stay in the room for just few days. There is no need to stuff it with every luxury of your own bedroom.

Bedding, of course, is a must-have. There is no need to buy a king size bed as a full size bed can accommodate two people easily. Many guest rooms are much smaller than the rest of the rooms in the hosue, so buying a smaller bed can save that precious space. You can also find suitable pillows, linen duvets and comforters easily with discounted rates.

guest room

Mirrors can be found pretty cheaply and they add great value to your room by making it appear to look bigger. Mirrors can also work as a decorative and functional item for your guest room. For a frugal idea: go shopping at your nearest thrift store and pick up a cheap mirror and paint it! For just a few dollars, you can create a mirror similar to those selling for tens of dollars in retail/furniture stores.

While there’s not really a need for a lot of storage because people are not going to stay in the room for very long, consider turning that small closet into a space for a desk or table. Your guests have to put their luggage somewhere!Lamp can also be purchased cheaply and they add a nice, homely touch to the room. It’s a functional item that can create a good atmosphere while providing efficient lighting.

Decorating your guest room according to most of your guests’ needs can save you lot of money. Take into consideration who will be using it most of the time throughout the years, and do some shopping around for the better deals.