black roof texture

Daring or offbeat choices are not wise when you’re re-roofing. It’s too big an investment and too long-lived a house feature to opt for the trendy or highly personalized choice. Your goal should be to harmonize with the neighboring properties rather than call attention to your home with an unusual choice. Look around your neighborhood to see what colors have been used. If you see a color that you like point it out to your roofer. He’ll be able to suggest colors that are popular in your area.

One of the main factors in its popularity is the material’s durability. It is not affected by harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sleet or heat. It may fade slightly over time due to regular exposure of ultraviolet rays. This is expected and is what gives this type of roofing system part of its distinctive look. When a roofing contractor installs the system, each slate is tightly locked into place with special hangers and battens. A layer of protection beneath the slate prevents moisture and leaks, so the attic and other parts of the home stay dry.

The second reason that it is not a good idea to replace the roof boards is that the plywood for sale today is much softer than the older plywood and roofing boards of yesteryear. The reasons is that the new plywood today is made from wood that comes from planted forests. Planted forest wood is much softer than the wood grown in a natural forest. Put simply, in a planted forest there is no dense canopy of leaves overhead, so the trees never have to fight for light. This results in a heavy pith ring from summer growth and a narrow cambium ring, resulting in a much softer wood. And with a mold problem, the softer the wood is the easier it is to be colonized or attacked by mold. That’s why the Greens’ attic grew more mold in one winter than it had in the last twenty years, the new softer plywood was an easy target for the mold that had been spread all over, by the roofer, when he was ripping off the boards; and he inadvertently planted the new mold crop in the attic!