cork flooring

If compared to hardwood or other wood flooring, cork flooring is less expensive but very attractive and practical. It also allows homeowners to choose from the wide range of patterns and styles with different colors. As cork flooring is also environmental, there are number of benefits associated with it.


Cork flooring is comfortable if compared to other flooring material as the air trapped within the cells of the cork enable it to absorb shocks. People who need to stand for long period of time can find cork flooring very relaxing and easy to stand on.

Sound Absorption

As the cork is made up of tree bark instead of actual wood, the material is more sound-absorbing than other flooring materials. It is a great choice for offices and other places where noise reduction is required. Home owners can also use cork flooring for reducing the noise in living area.

Natural Resistance against Moldcork

Cork flooring do not allow mold to grow. It is also good for health as it is hypoallergenic. It does not rot even if it gets wet.

Durable and Versatile Flooring

Cork flooring is not only attractive, but it is also very durable. The number of different styles and colors available in market enable you to blend cork flooring with the overall theme of your interior. It comes in natural tones and color as well as artificially prepared color to suit the needs of people. It is proved to be more durable than wood.

Less Maintenance Required

If compared to other materials, the cork flooring does not require much maintenance.

Other Advantages

You can use cork flooring as natural spring under your carpet or wood flooring. They have excellent insulation properties and provide a warmer touch. They also contribute to energy efficiency of the house because of their insulation properties. It is also natural insect repellent.