being green

We all love “green” but we don’t think about “green”. Do you have any idea about “being green”? Being green simply means preserving the environment that is comfortable to humans by doing everything you can to be mindful of the environment.

It’s not so difficult to live with being green. First of all you should be a green consumer. Green consumer is a consumer who is very much concerned about the environment and, therefore, only purchases the products that are eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly. Eco-friendly products must be with little or no packaging, made from natural ingredients avoiding the chemical ingredients and these products are made without causing any kind of pollution to the environment.

You should use the furniture or appliances which have no or very low impact on environment. As the environment is the major concern at this stage, now there are lots of companies, who focus on saving the environment and manufacture appliances by using green technology to preserve the environment. The consumers have also extra advantages to use these appliances such as these products are very much energy efficient, durable etc. Generally appliances tagged as Energy Star meet the efficiency standards strictly. So these products are normally costly than conventional appliances. But its energy saving capability must be significant enough to make up for the extra cost.

Another most basic ways to “being green” is to use less energy to heat and cool your home. Instead of using air conditioning system you can use modern energy efficient open windows for fresh and cool air and also can use whole house fan which cools down the heated interior of your house by pulling cool natural air into the rooms through the open windows. For cool lighting you should use the compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by replacing the incandescent light bulbs. If your furnace was built more than 15 years ago you must change it with an energy-efficient one.