Backyard Pool – Another great option with a pool fence made from mesh is color choice. The most common selection that many go with is black. It is modern and traditional all in one, and gives your space a nice clean look. But, if you are looking at adding a bit of color that is subtle yet charming there are also selections in white and green. Either of those options is great too. Maybe you already have a certain color of fencing surrounding your property. With this option you can customize your pool fence to match the exterior of your home and get a nice put together look around the outside of your home, while maintaining security.

backyard pool

No one is saying you have to be a tyrant when you have guests over to use your pool, but making sure everyone knows how to behave might save you trouble in the long run.

1. Be certain everyone knows how to enter and exit the water safely. You’ll want to make sure that any ladders are secured properly so as not to flip or pull off the pool wall while in use. If you have a diving board, check it regularly for structural integrity so that it does not snap in mid-use.
2. Keep the area around the swimming pool as clear of debris as possible and be sure to advise a no-running policy. Slipping by the edge of the pool is especially dangerous because the individual may lose consciousness when hitting then ground and then slip into the water.
3. Be aware of swimmers vs non-swimmers among your guests and family
4. Be certain that everyone knows whether or not you have a deep end of the pool and if it is safe for diving. Diving into a shallow or underfilled pool can cause trauma when hitting the bottom.
5. Utilize various barriers, including fences, door alarms leading to the pool, and power safety covers.
6. For above ground pools, remove ladders when not in use.

Either way, water is a splendid way to get your body moving at a price that won’t hurt your body long term. It’s gentle on your bones, great cardiovascular workout, gentle resistance training and fun too! Don’t just sit around your pool with a drink in hand while the kids swim, find a little time for yourself in there as well to get your body moving! Find ways to involve the kids too! Race them with laps or get them to be the aerobic instructor! Either way, your backyard pool is a fabulous tool to get you into fabulous shape this summer!

Happy swimming!