A unique baby shower theme that is always a hit for boys is the nautical theme. Cut out the shape of a boat to make the invitation. Write the words “There’s a Baby on Board” in the front of the invite. When decorating a nautical baby shower, life savers can be used as part of the centerpieces on the tables and even as wall hangings. Spruce up the life saver by painting some navy stripes on it. Place flower pots inside of the life savers. The best color for the flowers is red as it will combine with the navy, white and red color scheme that is typical for a nautical theme.

Not only did she have us take care of the greens, but she had us take care of the farm animals. We never understood the “lesson” gram wanted to teach us, taking advantage of her advice, but as we got older and were alienated from the rest of the world, the animals seemed to become more than an existence, but were social beings. They listened to us-all of them.

Just like how gram always taught us that hard work went a long way and would be rewarded with constant care, Baby Cachet honors the wonderful farm animals that have provided us with more than company but the lessons of responsibility and taught us that a solid connection with another being could fill up lives right up to the brim.

The selection is endless here from cute and cuddly bunny rabbits that were always playful near the carrots, creative cat and the fiddle riddle gram told us while we camped out at night, ducks we fed our dinner scraps to out in Delilah’s pond, lambs that chase us around, dogs that chased crows, sheep that kept us warm when it was cold outside, and many more animals including cows, pigs, and horses that gram taught us to love like so.

baby boy themes

Color schemes are common ideas for baby boy baby shower ideas. There are modern ideas for this like blue and shades of brown, but you can use any color combination that you think looks good but also reminds everyone that the baby is a boy. You do not have to go with blue if you do not want to, but most will be confused if you use pinks. You can use deep shades of red if you wish, and green can be a nice for a boy as well. Just stay away from anything that suggests a girl and you can use whatever colors you want.

You may be stuck for baby boy baby shower themes but there are no shortages of great items you can buy. Going shopping either at a craft or party store, or by looking around at shops online can help you find just what you want, even if you did not know what you wanted until you laid eyes on it. There are gift packages, supplies in any size or any size party, and anything else you could possibly need for your upcoming shower. Many even supply things you may need to keep food warm, to present cold foods, and all your paper plate and cup needs. Everything you need and more can be found and while shopping, the perfect theme may just appear.

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