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Modern Bathroom Vanities

modern bathroom vanities

Modern bathroom vanities hearken back to simpler times and tastes, intentionally communicating an absence of technological trappings. Whereas chrome and other man made materials in bright colors were once the fashion, a modern bathroom vanity is more apt to be designed with sleek lines and with […]

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Tips for Sorting Laundry

laundry sorting

Learning a few simple tips for sorting your laundry can save your expensive clothes from turning color after a wash. Even though, you may not have to sort your laundry every time, you will want to wash certain items separately, so you must learn […]

Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom


If you have a limited space in one of your bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it look attractive and unique. If you are creative enough, you can use many decorative ideas for your small bathroom to give it a unique look. There […]

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Under the Bed Storage

under bed storage

Creating Under-bed Storage on Your Own

In small rooms, under-the-bed storage can help you keep your bedroom uncluttered. The storage available in small and even large bedrooms is often not enough for all the bed sheets, clothes, books and other stuff […]

2014 Color Trends

color trends

Do you want to freshen things up in your home interior? One of the easiest ways is to paint your walls with a new color! It gives a feeling of change and can even make a room look bigger. Painting your […]

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Chalkboard Calendar

chalkboard calendar2

I did a post that mentioned this idea of chalkboard paint and a few people asked me to go into a little more detail or to give an example of how to use it, so here we are. And in case […]