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Choosing Garden Planters

garden planter

Garden planters come in a wide assortment of materials, colors, and sizes. They are ideal for adding color to porches, driveways, windowsills, patios and balconies. For some people that don’t have a garden, a planter provides a decorative means to bring some plant […]

Top 5 Interior Designers

Patricia Urquiola's Revolving Room at Morosso

The field of interior designing has so many remarkable names but only some have achieved the honor of being in the list of world’s best interior designers. These interior designers can transform your conventional place into exceptional space of […]

Dormer Windows


Dormer windows can provide you with additional space in your attic room and can provide proper natural light and airflow. First introduced by French in the 17th century, the dormer window soon become popular in Western and American architecture. Loft spaces, and other similar structures, […]