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Stainless Steel Stoves

stainless steel stove

Of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen is usually the centerpiece. Its theme and colors can set the tone for the whole interior of the house. The cabinets are mainly at eye level and serve to accent the room. The fridge […]

Upcycle Old Furniture into New!

If you want to get rid of your old, worn out furniture, consider upcycling it! This article will help explain simple and inexpensive ways to convert your old furniture into newly furnished furniture.

upcycle furniture_spray painted

Spray Paints

Today, spray paints are available in different shades and glossy […]

Staircase Designs


Even though, it may look like fun to design your own staircase but a slight miscalculation or wrong decision can ruin a look of your home interior. For a staircase design, make sure to create a design that complements with overall theme and design of your […]

Color Psychology


Psychology is becoming a very popular major at universities around the U.S. It’s an interesting subject involving the single most complicated known object in the universe: the brain. Colors are not only essential to our daily lives, but they also evoke emotion and associate moods.

Color […]

Dividing a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is sometimes known as an “efficiency apartment.” Usually this type of apartment has just one large room, used for eating, living and sleeping, and a bathroom. Efficiently dividing the large room of your studio apartment into smaller portions not only separates it into smaller, special areas which makes it seem […]

Budget Friendly Guest Room


A guest room is always an additional space in your home that sits idle for most of the time. So, investing huge amounts of money in decorating a guest room isn’t the way to go. Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to […]