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Top 5 Benefits of LED Lights

LED light

LED lights, also known as “light emitting diode”, are the most powerful, smart and energy efficient lighting solutions to date. As LED lighting is considered the cleanest lighting solution with minimal carbon print, this way of lighting comes with number of benefits. As LED […]

Feng Shui Bedroom Decorations

Feng Shui

The phrase “Feng Shui” is a combination of two Chinese words:“Feng” that means “air” and shui that means “water”. Adding Feng shui to your bedroom design can create balance between the two vital elements of life, resulting in better psychological health. You can boost […]

Popular House Plants that Need Little Sunlight

Cast Iron Plant

House Plants are great providers of air purification and add a simplicity to the interior of home. No doubt, every plant needs sunlight to survive but there are many that can thrive in low, indirect light which makes them a perfect choice for […]

Benefits of Cork Flooring

cork flooring

If compared to hardwood or other wood flooring, cork flooring is less expensive but very attractive and practical. It also allows homeowners to choose from the wide range of patterns and styles with different colors. As cork flooring is also environmental, there are number […]