Monthly Archives: February 2013

Design Your Own Steam Room

steam room

Commonly, steam rooms are mandatory part of any spa or health club. Steam rooms are used to release bodily toxins and for relaxation. The high temperature steam can easily open pores that release all the unwanted toxins from our body. If you […]

"Green" Clean Your Kitchen with Vinegar

baking soda_vinegar

With awareness, people are steering away from the use of harmful chemical cleaners to safer green cleaning techniques to clean their kitchens. One of the best natural sources for green cleaning your kitchen is Vinegar. It can clean, add shine and can make your […]

How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home



Sunlight is the best light source available to date. Scientific studies provide evidence that exposure to natural light besides enhancing the look and feel of our living space; have a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. By maximizing sunlight, you can also cut […]

Moss Graffiti



Graffiti can look very attractive, but now you can take that idea and use moss instead of harmful chemicals to make your home more “green” or “eco friendly”. There’s nothing more creative and attractive than using moss graffiti. It’s a completely natural growing plant that […]