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A clock is a simple instrument which we used to indicate the time. But with it’s main purpose it has some decorative purpose as well. A perfectly matched wall clock can enhance the beauty of your room. So matching your preferable wall clock […]

Kitchen Backsplashes


When it comes to decorating your home, the kitchen is the only space that allows you to be more creative with its design and decoration than any other place in your home. With hundreds of different components available in different sizes, designs, color […]

Crown Molding


Crown Molding, an architectural element, which not only enhances the beauty of any room but also showcase the level of craftsmanship of the respective society. It can be simply described as molding that crowns a surface or structure which is usually installed along […]

Kitchen Knives – Steel or Ceramic?


With modern times come modern wares. These days, you can choose between two types of kitchen knives: the traditional steel type or the more contemporary ceramic blade. Let us compare the two based on the following criteria:

 – Sharpness


Organic Composting

organic compost

When you hear the word recycling do you think of usual recycled materials like paper, aluminum cans, or glass? Many people don’t even consider using organic material for recycling. However, composting can help you reduce the organic waste you have […]

Rugs – make your small room look bigger!

365.174: Rug

Everyone dreams of a spacious house to live in. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have this dream become a reality and some have to settle with apartment units that can often feel cramped and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are design tricks […]